Hi, I'm Mo Fathelbab. I'm what the kids these days call a "content creator". I produce comedic things for the Internet and for the stage.
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I guess I’m getting ready to take over for Pee-Wee Herman when this picture was taken. #tbt #throwbackthursday #connectthedots #lalalala

I still have fat cheeks #tbt #throwbackthursday

How was your Saturday morning? (at Red Line Studios, Inc.)

This might be the Whitest, most hipster thing I have ever seen. #Brooklyn (at OMG Taco NYC)

Coming soon to @theexcomedy… with @samgrittner @onlybadjokes (CC: @johnkingman @misteralways) (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)


The thing that keeps flashing back to me about earlier today is how my attacker kept trying to say “you started it” when he was backing away from me.

The thing is that I can actually understand why in his simple mentality that he truly believes that’s true. Because basically he saw me as less…


I was just getting on the train to go down to Dyke Day as part of Pride weekend. As I was coming down the steps into the station I overheard a guy on the escalator yell “why the fuck are you wearing a skirt?!” I ignored it and just kept walking to buy my ticket.

As I’m standing there waiting in…


First of all, I’m incredibly grateful and #blessed to be part of UCB Digital. It’s gonna be huge, my friends, and I can’t wait to start making stuff.

Secondly, teamwise, this is my first yes in sea of nos. The UCB has been my home since 2007—I love the place— and this is the first time I’ve…


Are you okay? Is New York getting to you? Are things not going according to plan?

Stop whining. For fuck’s sake. 

The plan you don’t plan for isn’t the plan you planned but it’s usually more original. Isn’t that why you moved to New York? To be original?

God, you didn’t move to play make-believe, did you?

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A TARDIS showed up in the middle of the bar I’m performing at. #DoctorWho (at The Way Station)

My dad would have turned 72 today and though he passed away a little over 7 years ago, the events of the last year made the life lessons he so selflessly taught me all the more resonate. He was a smart business. Most likely the smartest businessman I’ll ever encounter. (He owned property and businesses like luncheonettes and travel agencies that catered to tour groups. Not bad for an immigrant from Egypt.) But he was also nice. He never screwed anyone for anything. He believed in “getting yours” through hard work and fairness. “Killing them with kindness” was not just a cliche. It was his mantra. And if competition popped up, he welcomed it. He believed that it made him better at whatever it was he was doing.

My dad would have been on the first flight to Los Angeles to have my back when I was going through the the professional (and personal) shitstorm I had mired myself in. He would have been shrewd but kind about the whole ordeal. He would have made the other side feel like the won while making sure I didn’t get screwed. There would’ve been a positive ending to the entire situation.

My dad would have also been the first one to back my current endeavor, not just financially (though that was his MO) but with sound advice. Learning through his own success and failures. Then he would push me to do that for others. He would encourage all of us to become a supportive team. (Lucky for him, his team consisted of his partner in life and in business, my mom.)

I didn’t heed the nuggets of advice he gave me throughout his life for the last couple of years and the results were less than ideal. Now, I’m trying to emulate him. And though I may not be as successful as he was at least he guides me on the right path. Anything positive coming my way, I owe a great deal to him. I hope I can be the example of what he taught me.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Kindergarten class picture from 1985 or 1970’s folk album cover? Either way, look at that full head of hair! #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwbackthursdays #ps179 #kindergarden #classpicture #brooklyn #nyc #newyorkcity